Weekly Roundup

Greetings from New Orleans! This is the first time I’ve been to this fine city and I’m smitten with the architecture and mature trees. The humidity isn’t something I’m used to but the sights and sounds are a good distraction from the stickiness that is walking all day in the humid climate. (And yes, I realize that this weather is considered to be “nice” and I would likely die if I were here in the summer.)

The Gold Hive in New Orleans.JPG

Did you know that there are climate change refugees here in Louisiana?

Here’s a super informative article about how our diets have an environmental impact. There are some helpful tips for making small (or big!) changes. The article is super easy to digest but there’s a lot of content, so set some time aside to go through it all.

A local San Diego beekeeper just released hew new book that looks to be educational and entertaining for both kids and adults.

Who knew that I’d find a removed mantel to be so pretty.

I used to watch a bunch of Forensic Files and CSI as a kid and thought the science behind criminal investigation was amazing. But I’ve grown up and realized so much of it is a hoax and not at all like it is on TV. Here’s a bunch of info on how forensics can be very faulty.

This wallpapered sleeping loft is the bee’s knees!

A podcast asking, “what is the one thing that sets humans apart from all other animals?” My favorite response came from Princeton sociologist Dalton Conley. You can listen to the whole episode, read the transcript, or here’s a spoiler of what he said: “The answer is: absolutely nothing…And the quicker we get over the Judeo-Christian notion that we are somehow qualitatively different from the rest of the biome, the quicker we will learn to live healthier lives for ourselves and for the planet.“

Biodegradable plastic bags survive three years in soil and sea. Steer clear of “biodegradable” things and opt for compostable - but you have to actually compost it, throwing it in the trash makes it trash.

This kitchen has me wanting a GIGANTIC vintage sink. Also, this is my latest favorite Pinterest board.

Did you catch my blog post yesterday about travel essentials and tips for traveling sustainably?

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Happy Friday!