Weekly Roundup

I have no words to describe how much I love this house.

Julie hosted a birthday party for her son and made the most epic snack table. I instantly took screenshots and submitted it to memory so I can do the same at my next gathering. Then she shared tips on how you too, can make the most amazing spread.

A favorite TV show is back for another season!

The most comprehensive introduction to zero waste that truly thinks beyond the plastic bag.

Priorities and perspective.

Curious how to wash your fresh produce without buying gimmicky produce wash soap? My fave zero waste and vegan chef has you covered.

I pinned every. single. image. in this kitchen reveal.

When we want to chat with someone, we often ask them out for coffee then buy them a cup of java for their time and resources. Right? Have you thought of doing the same for your favorite bloggers? If you like what I share, you can buy me a virtual cup of coffee as a thanks for the free content I share with you. Thanks!

My pals Cathy and Garret bought a new house to renovate and rent! I’m so. excited. to see what they do!

I binge listened to all of the the latest episodes of a favorite podcast covering what our earth and our bodies could look like in the future. I particularly enjoyed the Earth series.

Happy Friday!