Weekly Roundup

Deuce Cities Henhouse exterior_1.jpg

My friend Alison of Deuce Cities Henhouse is sharing all of the before and afters of her home that she’s been restoring for years and years and years. The transformation is absolutely stunning.

Are you getting out to march for our climate today? It isn’t too late to join a local strike!

My favorite shoe is now available in a rain shoe and rain bootie! It doesn’t rain much in San Diego, but that’s kinda why this is so exciting. It’s rarely ever appropriate to wear rain boots here, so I mostly just try to tread lightly in the rain and ultimately get my shoes all wet. Game changer.

A favorite design duo made over the Hudson Valley home of Zosia and Evan (you may recognize them from TV shows Girls and Easy) and the home is so charming. I love how much of the original rustic architecture they kept and embrace.

September/October feelings. I’m still on step one.

I was so impressed with this unfinished basement laundry room makeover. I’m kinda a basement fanatic because I’m so jealous of folks with them - San Diego is simply free of underground living spaces.

I’ve been binging Big Dreams, Small Spaces which is a perfect background TV show yet I also can’t take my eyes off of it.

Did you catch my saga with the figeater beetles this week? If not, check it out here in my Instagram highlights.

Every year, Demi Adejuyigbe does a new dance set to Earth Wind & Fire’s September, then he sells shirts and donates the proceeds to a different nonprofit each year. I’m excited to put my 2018 shirt on tomorrow!

I’m off to finish painting my climate strike sign!