Weekly Roundup

Amanda Williams artist

You know I love art and architecture, so I adore the work of artist Amanda Williams who’s combining two of my favorite things. In her body of work, Color(ed) Theory, she’s also discussing race, food, design, and waste with a project painting condemned homes. See more photos here and here and learn more in this 2-minute video.

San Diego locals, who’s going to the Green Home Tour this year? After I attended last year, I put together this green home improvement checklist. I haven’t checked everything off the list, but I aim to!

Holy smokes this sink vanity is amazing.

On Instagram stories, I shared with you the saga of my stuck garden hose nozzle. I went through several removal techniques before ultimately needing to grind the stubborn nozzle off the hose. A reader pointed out (what I should have already known!) that the nozzle got stuck because the metal corroded due to being a different metal from the hose. Science! So, I went out and replaced my annoying nozzle with a pretty and very highly reviewed brass one (this is the one everyone loves, but this is an identical one for half the price - here’s the two-pack I got). Replacing the nozzle made more sense than replacing the hose because I really love my hoses. Neither of them have ever given me a problem even though I leave them sitting out in the sun, twist them and yank on them, and I even keep the spigot open at all time so it’s always under pressure. I highly recommend these hoses.

Ellen made a decorative pumpkin using a plastic bag of trash. I love the concept and I also find her hilarious so it was a treat to watch her experiment. Catch it all in her stories here. I think I’m going to have to make my own trash pumpkin soon.

Rejuvenation and their family of brands is having a one-day major sale. Rejuvenation is my favorite for handmade lighting and classic pieces. Spoiler - you’ll see a few of their pieces in my upcoming kitchen remodel! Check out the killer deals here.

Melissa did a pantry makeover and I appreciated her approach so much. She didn’t just toss some cute baskets on the shelves and label them with chalk pens. She did a full inventory and assessment of what was working and what wasn’t in order to design a new-and-improved storage space.

Did you see the Etsy design winners? A favorite wallpaper artist and a favorite paper artist won!

Thank you all so much for giving me feedback in the reader survey! If you haven’t already filled it out, please do so! I’m closing the submissions on Monday morning.

I opened up earlier this week and shared with you what’s going on with my kitchen, why it’s so slow, and how I’m personally dealing with it all. Get the scoop here.

I went to my local bookstore to buy honey from a local beekeeper and I also picked up both of her latest books: The Little Book of Bees and Queenspotting. They’re great as gifts but I’m selfish so I’m keeping them for myself.

I found this to be a really interesting and beautiful response to the notion that old houses are money pits.

Here’s my monthly playlist, enjoy the tunes!

Happy Friday!