KonMari Style Closet Organizing with Natasha Habermann + A Video!

I thought my wardrobe was on the slim side until my dear blogger friend Natasha Habermann schooled me on getting rid of the clothes I don't love. And, she knows best, so I have no regrets about purging over half of my wardrobe.

KonMari Style closet organizing

Natasha and I went live on Instagram Stories so she could help me sort through all my clothes and answer your questions about the organization. Did you tune in? If not, that's okay! At the bottom of the post is a video of the key points!

Inspired by the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, Natasha has transformed her home (and her life!) using the KonMari method, which, in summary, is owning only the things that bring you joy. Learn more about how Natasha keeps her bedroom organized and how she folds her clothes.

Psst! If you're in an RSS reader, you'll have to  click through  to see the fun before and after animation.

Psst! If you're in an RSS reader, you'll have to click through to see the fun before and after animation.

I started with a pretty packed closet with mismatched hangers and overly-stacked shelves. But now my wardrobe is a true representation of me. Look at how much more refined my color palette is! I can't believe I owned so many jewel tones even though I know I gravitate towards dark cool colors and neutrals.

KonMari style closet wardrobe organizing

I purged so many pieces that don't bring me joy, and I don't miss them at all. In fact, I have so much more joy knowing that someone else will get to wear each of those garments. Goodwill is definitely my friend, but I like to donate particular items to specific places.

To see how Natasha and I did it, check out the video below. It's a slimmed down version of our live chat plus a time lapse - and who doesn't love those? If you look closely, you'll see a cat taking a bath in the backyard during my purge, and, more importantly, if you listen to Natasha, you'll certainly learn a lot.

See any garments in my closet that you like? You can shop my favorite pieces below. I've been literally living in that grey mock turtleneck for weeks - and I never use the word "literally" lightly.

Check out Natasha's post recapping the process, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and happy organizing!