Weekly Roundup

Happy St. Patrick's Day! In the spirt of the holiday, I want to paint the kitchen green. We've enjoyed the pale teal cabinets for a couple of years, but I'm itching for a more moody color like these kitchens.

Sources 1/2/3/4/5/6

What do you think? Green uppers or white uppers? Super dark green or blueish green? Should I even repaint again?

Speaking of moody, I'm swooning over this foyer designed by Casework and hand painted by Michael Paulus.

I'm thinking of scheduling future vacations around these notable museum openings around the country. If you're in Washington, please go to Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirror Rooms on my behalf.

A friend is designing a new construction house for a client and while she was out of town I went to the job site as her stand-in and to photograph the space. I may love old houses, but I think this new one is pretty spiffy too.

I'm far from perfect at grammar, but I have a pretty strong opinion about the Oxford comma - I love it. I feel validated knowing that a lack of a comma can lose court cases

A few of my favorite TV shows came back recently so I'm binging on Love and anxiously awaiting more of The Americans. What else should I be watching?

As a lover of eating and making pies, I'm disappointed that I forgot about Pi Day on Wednesday! Luckily, Jeran of Oleander and Palm reminded me of her peach thyme hand pies so I can't wait to celebrate a belated Pi Day over the weekend with this recipe.

Did you see my post earlier this week on refinishing plaster walls and what I think sloths have to do with old walls? Here's another adorable sloth video - the guy in the hanging chair is my spirit animal.

Happy Friday!