Weekly Roundup

Bedroom Daylight Savings

Did everyone remember to set their clocks back? I instinctively set my alarm but failed to update the time, so I didn't get any extra slumber. Oops!

On Halloween, I put the projector for the One Room Challenge to use for something other than mural painting. I opened the blinds and projected ghosts onto the wall that was visible from the street. A little one asked me, "are those ghosts real?" and parents adored them, too. A few of you asked how you can recreate the same look seen in the video above. So, here's the ghost animation and the projector I used.

Julia was kind enough to recommend her favorite Instagram accounts under 10,000 followers and I'm so honored to have made the cut! There are 14 others that you must check out. Some of them have been favorites that I've been following for years, and some are new ones to me! If you're one of my new followers that came over from CLJ, hi!

Emily's collection of different types of wall paneling is wildly comprehensive. 

New cabinet hardware from Sarah Sherman Samuel and Park Studio is so so pretty.

If you get hot and bothered about organization, here is some serious pantry storage inspiration for you.

A couple of weeks ago, we tried HelloFresh for the first time. We had used Blue Apron for quite awhile, a year ago, but paused the meal deliveries until now. Ross likes that the HelloFresh meals are even simpler to make, so we're digging it. I love sharing discounts with you, so here's 70% off HelloFresh!

I'm always on the hunt for bathroom and kitchen inspiration because I'm hopeful that we'll have a master ensuite and remodeled kitchen in 2018. This shower stopped me dead in my tracks. That long stretch of shelving, the hex tiles, that brass, the black and white!

Yesterday I finally finished the projector portion of the One Room Challenge and I couldn't be more thrilled! I still have many hours ahead as I give each color a second coat, but this is still a milestone! The room is finally coming together now that I can open the new shades and start moving in the furniture. Thanks for cheering me on each time I give you an update in my Instagram Stories!

Happy Sunday!