Father's Day Gift Guide

Still looking for gifts for the dads in your life? Here are some options that are sure to please!

The Gold Hive Father's Day Gift Guide 2017

1. For the dad that has it all and the dad that likes to give back, IRC has lots of gift options that support those in need.

2. Let dad play his favorite tunes around the house on a Sonos speaker. Here's to hoping his music taste is loved by all. If not see gift option #11.

3. Ross recently switched to this wired beard trimmer and raves about how he prefers the wired option over battery operated. I like that it keeps him looking trim - pun intended.

4. If dad likes card games or magic, this gaming set is a nice collection of spiffy cards. I'm a bit partial because they're designed by my brother-in-law.

5. Get him a $95 gift card which will cover the cost of a free home try-on as well as some prescription shades or opticals. He can also get frames without corrective lenses if he has superb vision.

6. Do you have any sweet photos on your phone that dad would like to admire all the time? Chose expedited shipping today and get a custom framed photo in time for the big day.

7. A sander is always a helpful tool to have around for big or little projects.

8. Who doesn't love getting a vacuum as a gift??

9. This baseball hat is my personal favorite - I have it in this '80s dad jeans color. I like that it's not branded, it's slim fitting, and exudes cool dad vibes.

10. For the kids who don't want to get dragged to dad's favorite museum, an individual membership lets him enjoy his science/art/music/history/architecture/magic/train museum solo. Or, gift a family membership for a year of fun together at everyone's local favorite.

11. When dad loves his tunes but nobody else does, gift him some quality headphones. Ross, an audiophile, has these and I stole them from him to use during our recent travels. He doesn't yet know that I'm not giving them back.

12. Funny, sentimental, graphic, and simple - there are so many greeting cards by artists and makers. This dad card is too cute.

Happy Father's Day!