Weekly Roundup

We're heading out on our trip oh so soon! Ross has a gig in Chicago so we're extending his work travel with a vacation, and also stopping in Colorado to make it a double vacation. I really cannot wait. Thanks to all of you who gave travel recommendations! I have a nice list of activities and sights to see, but most importantly, a grand list of eateries.

The Crafter's Box at The Gold Hive

This past week, friends from The Crafter's Box came over to photograph their projects in our house. For those who love to make, The Crafter's Box is a unique delivery program that sends you the tools and materials needed to create pieces inspired by artisans. Some of the featured makers are favorites of mine like Emily Jeffords, Sarah K. Benning, Maryanne MoodieJenna Rainey, and more. How cool is it to have Jenna Rainey teach you how to watercolor a monstera leaf? Very.

Do you like pink? Check out the bathroom in this house for sale in a nearby neighborhood. Wowza.

Mr. Roger's Cardigan Colors

Mr. Rogers' signature look was his cardigan, so seeing all of the sweater colors in order of when he sported them is pretty cool. Even cooler is this video of a young Mr. Rogers advocating for children's educational television programming. Goosebumps.

NYT has compiled the best options for streaming some of the best movies of this year. I'll tell you again, Get Out was an exceptional film; and you must watch it.

When I was sourcing fabric for my chair upholstery project a few weeks ago, I wish I had Sarah's favorite sources for textiles.

I just got these shoes this afternoon and I'm already in love which how comfy they are, and how eco-conscious the company is. I'll give you a full report after I truly break them in.

Happy June! Happy Pride Month!