Weekly Roundup

Happy 2018!

2017 was a wild year. This collection of the most powerful moments in photojournalism is really something.

I took a brief break from the blog during the holidays, but I'm back!

Speaking of being back, one of my favorite TV shows returned for another season. Black Mirror! This isn't my favorite season, but boy is it a fantastic show.

This kitchen from Barta Interiors stopped me dead in my tracks. I'm crushing on the black hardware, the dark cabinets, and that chunky hood all in contrast to the wood uppers and marble countertops. Swoon!

And here I am drooling over more black cabinets. I have kitchen design on my mind, and these two spaces are definitely pushing me to do dark.

Are you following me on Pinterest? That's where I'm putting all of my kitchen inspo. it's a perfect spot for you to get a sneak peek of what I'm digging before I start diving into the remodel.

Kate's nursery for baby Bennett is so charming for a little girl, but I also want that green paneling in my grown up bedroom.

When these colorful sinks and toilets came across the Instagram Stories of @_homesweetbungalow_ I wondered when colored plumbing fixtures will come back en vogue. Any guesses, if ever?

I'm not setting specific resolutions for the new year, but a goal of watching the top 25 best films of the 21st century sounds pretty good to me. Boyhood ranks #8 and I can definitively say it's one of the best films ever made. We rarely go out to see movies in theaters, but we made the trek for Lady Bird and it was so worth it.

If anyone is in the Southern California area on January 28th, mark your calendar for Museums Free-For-All.

I have been saying this for the past ten years about decluttering.

Did you see the SpaceX launch a couple of weeks ago? I stepped outside my front door and saw the most bizarre looking thing in the night sky. After I figured out what it was (and the sheer horror subsided) I found it to be fascinating. Another rocket is expected to launch on the 7th in Florida, so anyone on that coast should keep a keen eye on the sky in the coming days.

We've had this blender for several years and have made hundreds of smoothies in it. Something went wrong with the jar so they sent us a shiny new one under warranty. I think some healthy beverages are now in my future, which will be good to counteract the pie I've been enjoying.

Happy New Year, thanks for being here!