2017 - A Year In Review

We're a week into the new year, and I'm still reflecting on 2017. I started the blog early last year (it's still an infant!) so 2017 was a milestone. Want to walk down memory lane and revisit the blog post highlights from the past year? Let's go backward in time, shall we?

1. The Office and A Mural - One Room Challenge, Fall Edition

I nearly didn't participate in the latest ORC and decided to do it only a couple of days before I wrote the week one post - but boy, am I glad I took the risk! I painted a mural and reconfigured the whole room with a dining table for a desk, and a hacked IKEA unit for custom office storage. After all that, I'm honored to have been selected by the Editor in Chief of House Beautiful Magazine as one of the top two winning guest participants out of over 200! Here are each of those posts:

We updated the bathroom before moving in, because it's the only one in the house. So, we technically didn't do this space in 2017, but I recapped it and shared it with you last year, then continued to make updates up until a few months ago. The bathroom was gutted and rebuilt to have a classic look to match the style of our 1915 home. Now, I'm smitten with it.

I've always taken a slow decorating approach, letting a room evolve as I find individual pieces over time. So, being challenged to transform a room from start to finish in 6 weeks was totally new to me. During my first One Room Challenge experience, I gave our second bedroom a bold wall color, added picture rail molding and new art, and reupholstered a chair. Now it's the perfect room for viewing all of my favorite shows.

I updated the kitchen with new paint, hardware, and concrete countertops before moving in. Then, in early 2017 I installed new flooring (and made my first ever video!) just in time to plan demolishing all of it in 2018. Stay tuned for what's to come during phase 2!

5. The Living Room

The living room isn't done but it's slowly getting better. We added new chairs and I refinished the bookcases in 2017 - small changes but they make such a big difference.

5. The House


We bought the house in early 2015, but since the blog didn't exist at the time, I revisited it in 2017. I reflected on the house buying process from our experience hunting to my recommendation to tour 100 houses. Then, I laid out each of the rooms of the house in the full before tour. I can't believe how far it's come! Before moving in, we refinished the floors, retextured the walls, and got rid of the stench. Now it's the perfect canvas to keep tweaking for years to come.

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To see before and afters of each room, click here and to shop the house, click here. Later this week I'll be sharing what I have planned for 2018. See ya then.