My Personal Holiday Wish List

I’ve been distributing a lot of my favorite things and items on my wish list throughout many of my gift guides, but here are a few that I wanna call out that may not have made it into the other lists. If you’re friends with my doppelgänger, they would probably like these items. Or, if you’re like me, forward this guide to a friend to get yourself something nice.

Personal Gift Guide.jpg

1. Sydney Hale Co. candles: I’ve made it clear to my mom that if she only ever gets me these candles for the rest of my life, I’d be a happy gift recipient. Lucky for me, she heard me loud and clear because I get a new scent for every holiday and birthday. While I love the natural scents, my favorite part is these candles benefit animal rescue.

2. Yoga pants: I bought myself a pair of these leggings on Black Friday to see if I liked them and I adore them. Now I’m asking for them in multiple colors so I have a new pair for my daily hot yoga. They’re super comfy and made of recycled plastic. Win win. (buy at Nordstrom, Reformation, or Girlfriend Collective)

3. Le Labo fragrances: I fell in love with Le Labo a couple of years ago on a trip to Chicago when the hotel I stayed at had the scent throughout. I buy myself the samples because they’re cheaper, so I ask for more samples, or maybe a splurge on a full bottle for the holidays. My favorite scents are Santal 33, Rose 31, and Another 13.

4. Simple Matters book: I’ve had this book on my wishlist for awhile. I just admired it in a bookstore earlier today so I have my fingers crossed I finally find it under the tree.

5. Portable Tool Caddy: I have a habit of carrying a bunch of little tools around for and leaving them in corners and then spending an hour looking for them. I think this caddy will change my life when doing house projects or gardening.

6. Art: I’m very picky, so I won’t just ask for any art. I would happily take this collage piece by Bri Lamkin or any of my other favorites.

7. Alpaca sweater: This ethically-made alpaca sweater looks to be the perfect addition to my collection of sweaters.

8. Becoming book: I can’t wait to learn more about Michelle Obama’s life story.

9. Kettle: I’ve had this on my list for ages and almost bought it for myself a couple of times. I make coffee in my french press every day, but I’ve also been enjoying a couple cups of tea in the cool wintery evenings lately. This kettle would be a nice upgrade from the sauce pan that I’m currently using to heat water. (Buy at West Elm, Amazon, or Sur La Table - 20% off!)

10. Forgotten Ways for Modern Days book: I found this pretty book in a bookstore this morning and immediately put it on my wishlist. It has great recipes and instructions for simplifying the home (mostly the kitchen) and practicing homesteading.

11. Allbird slip-ons: I bought these for an early holiday gift for myself a couple months back and I’m obsessed. They’re the comfiest shoe ever and made of sustainable materials.

12. New wallet: I’ve been trying to simplify the stuff I carry around and I’ve been slowly reducing my wallet into nearly nothing. This handmade slim vegan card case will keep things minimal

13. Donations: Especially when I can’t think of anything good for my wishlist, I ask for donations to be made to my favorite organizations. Here are eleven non-profits supporting causes I’m most passionate about, plus The Humane Society and Project Wildlife.

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