Gift Guide for Organizers, Tidiers, and Cleaners

I guess I’ve made it known that I’m a type-a neat-freak that likes cleaning, sorting, and organizing because I got a bunch of requests for an organizer gift guide. I’m not surprised because I admitted the other day that one of my hobbies is oiling my wooden utensils. Anyway, I’m a proud neat-freak, so here’s a collection of goodies for your tidying loving friend.

Gift Guide for Organizers.jpg

1. 2019 planner: Organizers tend to like keeping their homes tidy, but also their lives and schedules. This is a simple planner without much fuss. If they’re into bullet journaling, maybe get them a monogramed notebook.

2. Grid-it organizer: There are many ways to use this organizer to corral little items, but I like to use it to corral cables under my desk. See how I hacked it in my post about how I hide all cables throughout the house.

3. Broom and dustpan: If your clean freak is using a falling apart broom, get them this mini broom and dustpan combo. It’s made of bamboo and recycled plastic for a sustainable option.

4. Label Maker: I personally am an organizer that doesn’t label things, but some people swear by their label makers. This one has a retro look that makes everything look super charming.

5. Things Organized Neatly book: This book sorts items into a monochromatic Tetris and it’s so satisfying.

6. Remodelista: The Organized Home book: Full of tips on keeping the home organized, simple, tidy, minimal, and all around intentional, it’s a good one.

7. Organized eraser print: Artist Lisa Congdon sorted beautiful erasers by color and it’s so nice on my type-a eyes.

8. Velcro ties: I swear by these for keeping electronic cables, extension cords, headphone wires, etc. tidy. You can see me using them in my post about how I hide all cables throughout the house.

9. Basket: This is one of my favorite baskets for corralling items. It’s rectangular and has built-in handles so there’s no wasted space on a shelf. Consider using it as a gift basket with other presents inside.

10. Metal retro pens: I received these as a gift last year and I was over the moon. There’s nothing like writing lists and crossing off to-do items with classy pens.

11. Book ends: Consider giving some bookends when you gift all the other books in this guide.

12. Dyson vacuum: You’ve heard me rave about this vacuum, so if you’re giving in the $200+ price point, this is a good contender.

13. The Art of Clean Up book: This book is full of photos of normal things (laundry, soup, tree branches) then deconstructs them and stacks like items. It makes my organization freak heart sing.

14. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up book: This is the bible for everyone aiming to reduce what they have and live with only the things that bring them joy.

15. Paint chip calendar: This calendar is made up of color-coordinated squares for each month. It’s very soothing and free of distracting text.

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