Weekly Roundup

I have a minor, nay major, crush on Julie O’Rourke (@rudyjude) right now. This photo of her would be in the center of my vision board if I had a vision board. I dream of looking this cool while roofing my house on an island off the coast of Maine one day. (Have a mentioned that I’d really like to live on the coast of Maine and be an off-the-grid homesteader? Yeah, I wanna.) I snagged this photo from this write up on her here, but also crush on her house here and her fashion here. She makes beautiful clothing at Rudy Jude. #goals

I finally got new yoga leggings after not liking mine for years. These ones are made of recycled plastic (yay for repurposed materials!!) and they’re super comfy, aren’t see-through, don’t cost $100+, and aren’t covered in crazy psychedelic patterns. I love them so much that I set them on my dresser to look forward to wearing them in the morning - like a nerd. I got the leggings in the midnight color and the bra in the smoke hue.

Did you miss any of my gift guides? I have a few more coming but you can revisit my recent ones including the gift guides for anyone with a coffee table book, old house lovers, makers, cooks & bakers, homebodies, techies & smart homes and last-minute Amazon Prime stocking stuffers. Let me know which themed guides you’d like next!

Artist Kai Samuels Davis re-opened his Etsy shop to offer prints for a limited time. I had been eyeing his pieces years ago but could never decide on one so I missed out. Now that his shop is open again, I’m back to admiring each of them and debating which one to get. You should get on it if you want a print because I don’t think they’ll last.

Did you know that every episode of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross is on YouTube? I can’t stop watching! Seriously.

This entire Instagram feed is gorgeous and I can’t believe only 2,000 people know about it.

A local pal of mine just finished adding on a guest suite to her small home and it’s very very pretty. She shares photos of the new project and what goes into living with a family of five in her minimal 1,000 square foot home on the 600sqft blog. If you’re visiting San Diego, you can also rent it out to stay there.

This mid-century modern remodel is such a great example of how you can keep “dated” design elements and make them shine with a few tweaks. I love how much of the original home the designer kept!

I have a trip to Seattle coming up very soon and I have planned hardly anything. If you have any suggestions of great places to go (and by that I mean restaurants/cafes/or anywhere that serves food) please send them my way.

Happy weekend!