Gift Guide for Techies and Smart Homes

This post comes to you, in part, from Ross, our home's Chief Technology Officer. He's been a tech nerd for nearly two decades and has helped me round up today's gift guide for those that like gadgets - but it's really for anyone living in the 21st century!

Ross likes his gadgets streamlined and not gimmicky, so if you're looking for a thumb drive in the shape of a human thumb, this isn't the gift guide for you. 

iPad Stand: I'm a sucker for wooden stands for our electronics. This sleek one is perfectly understated, yet a showstopper. Plus, it's handmade!

eero Home WiFi System: We've gone through several routers in the past couple of years. We did Apple's Airport Extreme as well as those hideous ones with the giant antennas. The eero has been the most reliable wifi, and it comes with boosters to sprinkle throughout the house, covering all of our rooms.

Sonos Playbase: We just ordered one of these for an early holiday gift to each other. This Sonos will amplify our TV for higher quality audio. Plus, when the TV isn't on, it pairs with our Sonos Play:1 speakers we have throughout the house so we can listen to music/podcasts in each room.

B&O Headphones: These are such dreamy headphones. They used to be Ross' but I took them earlier this year and now they are my go-tos. I wear them at work every day and I can't get on a plane without them.

Personalized Ergonomic Mousepad: I'm just getting settled into our new home office and wondering if I should get a mousepad. This pretty handmade one is a contender.

Velcro Cable Ties: These aren't the sexiest tech gadget, but they are life changers - and a great stocking stuffer. These velcro ties are the easiest and most streamlined way to keep cables organized. They work well for the cords behind the TV that you don't need to fuss with at all, and they are great for coiling the extension cord you get out of the garage every day/week.

Cable Management Grid: I installed one of these under our new desk (which isn't the intended use of it) and it works so swimmingly!

Camera Strap: This handmade strap is such an improvement from the stock straps that come with camera bodies. I actually prefer wrist straps over neck straps, so I have this one.

Apple TV Remote Holder: Losing the Apple TV remote is no good when all you want to do is sit down after dinner for some Stranger Things viewing. We have a holder that props the remote upright, but I actually like the lower profile of this one. Plus, it's handmade!

WD 1TB Portable External Hard Drive: Whether you're taking your digital files out of the house or not, a portable drive for backing up files is an absolute must for everyone - techie or not. 

Flash Drive: The perfect stocking stuffer. This is a nice portable flash drive that isn't plasticky or chunky.

Backblaze: For serious backup storage, we use Backblaze which ensures all of our photos, music, movies, files, etc. are safely stored in the event that our hard drives are damaged. Psst, that link gets you - I mean your gift recipient - a free trial!

Record Holder: Who said tech lovers need to adore only the new stuff? Get your vinyl record lover a sleek stand to keep their tunes. This pretty walnut holder is hand crafted.

Nest Dropcam Security Camera: This security camera provides piece of mind, and it's fun to check in on the house while you're away. 

Flat Plug Braided Extension Cord: We all have wires in our homes. I try my hardest to hide them (see my two other cable management gift ideas), but when you're going to see one, why not make it attractive?

ElevationDock 4: We were early adaptors and bought the first ElevationDock when it was on Kickstarter. It was the one and only charger at the time that stayed on the table when you picked up your phone. They've continued to refine it year after year, and this is their latest.

And there you have it! Do you have any techie items to recommend? I could use them, because Ross is so tough to gift shop for.

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