Weekly Roundup

I officially started the One Room Challenge this week! Have you already checked out my before photos and plans? It's pretty much all-consuming, but I've rounded up a few goodies from the internet for you.

Kelsey's treehouse kitchen kills me. You have GOT to see the before. She kept the original ceiling and updated the rest. I adore it all!

I just added the book Get Your House Right: Architectural Elements to Use & Avoid to my Amazon cart and can hardly wait the two days it takes to get to me. You can preview a bunch of the diagrams on Amazon and I'm already eating up the guidelines.

Speaking of house rules, Emily compiled all of those dimensions I can never remember like how high sconces should be or how far from the wall a rug should be.

I'm a rule follower (and rule breaker!) as well as a clean freak, so I love Sarah's spring cleaning checklist.

While Ross and I were admiring the beautiful architecture of Boston, I was reminded of this 99% Invisible podcast episode that takes a look at the history of air conditioning and how it dramatically changed the way we design buildings and how we live in them. It's so interesting.

You can spend HOURS going through the 20 featured and 209 guest participant posts for week 1 of the One Room Challenge. There are some really exciting ones to tune in for over the course of the next five weeks, so find your favorites now!

I moved out of the master bedroom for the ORC so I'm writing to you now from the pull out couch in the den. It feels like an upgrade in here because I can now watch TV from bed! This is dangerous because now I really want a TV in the master. Are you for or against TVs in the bedroom?

Happy Friday!