Weekly Roundup

Well, the highlight of the week was when a full home tour of MY house was featured on Emily Henderson’s blog! *gasp*

Speaking of Emily, she listed kitchen trend predictions for 2019 and I was planning on incorporating 4-6 of them. Any guesses which ones? One of them is already in my kitchen now. She also listed some bathroom predictions, too.

I recently got The Martha Manual, a new book from Queen Martha Stewart. I’m totally digging it! It has tips for organizing, cleaning, entertaining, caring for pets, gardening, and DIYing - basically all of my favorite things.

I’m still getting so many great tips from you folks about my kitchen re-design conundrum - thanks! Someone recently sent me a direct message on Instagram with their own idea for a new layout but I accidentally declined it. OOPS! If that was you, please go back to the post and tell me about it in the comments. This gives me a chance to make a PSA: if you have a comment or question about anything on the blog, Please write it in the comment section of that post instead of sending me an Instagram message or an email. It’s so beneficial for people to see your comment and my response in the post itself. Plus, you’ll always get a more well-thought out response from me if I’m at my computer. I really and truly do LOVE hearing from you!

I’m so smitten with this minimal and airy kitchen. Don’t worry, I’m still in love with moody kitchens, too. Speaking of which, are you following my kitchen Pinterest board? It’s so good that I might just look at photos of kitchens forever and never remodel my own.

I just ordered some plastic-free toilet paper rolls from Who Gives a Crap - it’s plastic free, made from bamboo, is without dyes or scents, and proceeds are donated to help built toilets for people in need. Yay! Click here for $10 off your first order. I’ll report on my thoughts once it arrives.

Did you hear the news from Design*Sponge?

Everyone is on the Marie Kondo decluttering train - I know I am. This article gives a different perspective and it’s an interesting read.

I finally got a nut milk bag for making homemade almond milk. I was using a strainer before, but I’m hoping the bag will be more successful. I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Friday!