Shop My House!

With oodles of new followers (thanks to Emily Henderson!) I’m getting oodles of questions about the products in my home. Here’s a post for you to skim everything I own, then click through to add it to your home collection too. Enjoy!

If you're curious about my opinion on products and want my review, leave it in the comments and I'll let you know how things are holding up, how I use them, and my favorite features. Spoiler: I would never recommend you buy anything I don't like, so I approve of everything I have listed below.

Happy shopping!


You can always access each shoppable product in my house from the "Shop The House" navigation in the header on desktop and mobile. Plus, I have a page dedicated to my favorite stores and a single page with each of the shoppable rooms compiled. See the buttons below!

shop on desktop and mobile any time.jpg

Happy Shopping!