Weekly Roundup

I didn’t write any blog posts this week (other than this one)! My foster family of eight puppies and a momma dog took up ALL of my time. Literally, ALL of my time. I only left the house to take them to the vet once and to the grocery store when I ran out of coffee beans. I haven’t exercised in over a week and I’ve barely left the kitchen where they are all living. It’s been hard (more on that here), but I’m happy to be helping this little, nay, big family. The puppies and momma dog go to a new foster family today, so we’re saying adios to the endless cuteness and endless poop.

I’ve been watching Jessica and Tyler transform their kitchen for months and they’re getting so close to the finish line! I’ve been so impressed with their IKEA hacks to make the kitchen unique and oh-so-beautiful. I’ve been asking her to write a blog so we can all enjoy her tips and tricks, but since it isn’t live yet, you’ll have to follow them on Instagram and just stay tuned.

One of my favorite zero waste bloggers has a year-long course that provides a comprehensive month-to-month educational guide on how to reduce waste, shop sustainably, and think ethically. What I like about Polly’s content is she goes beyond the myth that zero waste means all your trash fits in a mason jar. She’s more about thinking about your impact on other humans and your community. I’m joining her blueprint course - who else is with me!?

Last week I shared two graphic indoor murals, and now Meg is joining in on it too! Follow along as she creates a bold mural in her home, and check out her artwork to see her vision.

After I shared how I fold my clothes, I got a lot of questions about my closet system. It’s super simple, customizable, and easy to modify as your needs change, so I love it! The closet system is 30% off through February 26th!

This week, a new plastic-free and all natural tinted chapstick arrived and I’m smitten. I’ve been wearing this Burt’s Bees tinted chapstick exclusively for over a year, but knew I wanted a plastic-free option when it ran out. Enter, my new tinted chapstick of choice! I got it in the color coral rust and urchin pink and both are great. It’s super smooth/oily without being sticky. love.

Meat is a big topic in the sustainability world. This podcast episode takes a look at meat consumption from a bunch of different perspectives. Ross and I have been pescatarians for years, but you don’t need to be a non-land-meat-eater to be intrigued.

Thoughts on coupons.

My friend Cathy of The Grit and Polish has been growing out her grey hair for awhile and I’ve been so excited for her. I CANNOT wait to have silvery hair like my mom. Cathy, Melissa, and Zoë opened up about going grey and it’s very refreshing.

Welp, I’m off to wipe up some puppy piddle. Happy Friday!