20 Instagram Accounts with Fewer than 4,000 Followers That You Should Be Following

Instagram is FULL of inspiration and sometimes it’s hard to find unique accounts - especially the smaller ones. I wanna give you some inspo and also send some love to the up-and-coming accounts. It was a bit over a year ago when Chris Loves Julia listed me as a top account with less than 10k followers and I’m forever grateful, so I’m here to pay it forward.

20 instagram accounts to follow with less than 4k followers The Gold Hive.jpg

I REALLY struggled to narrow down this list. I follow nearly 700 accounts so I had to be ruthless about who I’d include here. I’m including only interior/architectural/design accounts that I feel are doing a great job of creating beautiful spaces and sharing them through beautiful images, with a variety of photos, inspiring projects, and consistent style. I’m excluding accounts that are selling products like rugs and furnishings, and keeping out folks that are heavier on something not interiors (like family, food, etc.). I’m including homeowners inspiring me with their home renovation progress and designers inspiring me with creative reveals.

Below is a list of accounts under 4,000 followers but stay tuned for more accounts under 10k and under 20k.

Under 1k


Stay tuned for more account recommendations! If you’re eager to follow more, check out some of the recommendations my followers admire in the comments here.