Weekly Roundup

The Gold Hive Foster Family Brady Bunch

The puppies and their momma dog have been at their new foster homes for a week now. I miss them but I’m glad to have my sanity back. It’s truly bittersweet. This Brady Bunch photo of them is my favorite thing.

The cuties that we took in were pit bull mixes, which is probably the most misunderstood dog breed. Photographer Sophie Gamand set out to de-demonize these lovable creatures through photos and her collection of images is amazing.

I received a handful of messages from folks letting me know that my puppy fostering inspired them to sign up to volunteer to foster at their local animal shelter. This news makes me so so so so so happy - like crying happy. If being a Blogger means I’m an “Influencer,” then I’ll gladly take that title if it promotes animal welfare.

In other non-pup-news…

I redesigned my kitchen layout AGAIN. I shared my plans last year then I received a bunch of feedback from you all, so I came up with a solid design that I was pretty committed to. But on Monday, I devised a new layout and I’m kinda smitten. Take a look at those two links to weigh in on any other ideas before I make a final decision! Don’t worry, I’ll share my newest plans with ya soon.

Also. Should I do a colorful kitchen or a neutral kitchen?

Daniel’s basement reveal is unlike any other design you see in the blogosphere. And I LOVE it.

If you like taking personality tests and like saving the planet, this is for you. It’s a quick and painless survey that calculates your water usage based on the appliances you use and how much you shower, but also the more hidden water uses like your commute and your diet. It’s worth taking the 5 minutes to complete it!

This week we watched two really good movies I recommend. Both are Mark Duplass films (because we love that guy). The first, Blue Jay, is about a heartbreaking sorta-romance and the second is Paddleton, about a heartbreaking friendship. My favorite movie theme is heartbreak - really. These are slow, slice-of-life, poignant films that are definitely worth a watch. If you’re into comedy that isn’t heartbreaking, we’re thoroughly enjoying season two of I’m Sorry.

I already told you last week about my new favorite plastic-free tinted lip balm. But I’m telling you again because it’s SO good. I’m reapplying it right now just for fun.

Didja check out my favorite instagram accounts with fewer than 4,000 followers? Now is the time to go follow them before they become ultra famous. If you wanna see all the Instagram inspo I find, you should follow me on Pinterest because I pin all my favorite images over there.

San Diego banned styrofoam - woot! If you’re local, here’s what you can expect.

When I was in San Francisco this week I visited a friend and I played the game Set with her 4-year-old. Now I’m hooked so I went to my Buy Nothing Group and asked if any neighbors had it and didn’t want it anymore. An hour later I was picking up a nearly-new game set and didn’t have to buy it! If your Buy Nothing Group doesn’t pull through for you, it’s available for $11 at Target.

Tesla just unveiled their $35k ($25k with savings) version of their Model 3 electric car with 220+ miles of range. GAME CHANGER!

Here’s my completed February Playlist for your listening pleasure.

I’m off to go brainstorm my kitchen layout for the 9,250th time. Wish me luck!