Weekly Roundup

Zhanna Kadyrova

One of my favorite Instagram accounts who mostly talks about sustainability shared the artist Zhanna Kadyrova the other day and I was floored. Her series, “Second Hand” is taking a close look at abandoned buildings and treating them like second hand clothing. You have to take a closer look and read her artist statement, too (click the “en” button in the upper right corner to read in English).

Catherine and Bryan shared the reveal (and the laborious progress photos!) of their kitchen remodel and its stunning. The design is a combo of old and new - my favorite.

My favorite workout leggings and bra tops are on sale! Buy a set (bra and leggings) then get another set for 50% off with HOTGFSUMMER. I live in these navy pants and this grey bra.

Things are happening with the kitchen renovation and I’ve decided to make a bold move. I’ve rotated my camera from the vertical Instagram Stories to the horizontal YouTube format. Eep! Basically what this means, is I’m planning to do more YouTube videos sharing the process in a more organized fashion rather than snippets of progress here and there. If you want to catch all of the renovation goodness, subscribe to my YouTube channel! You’ve been warned that I’m going to share less on Instagram Stories.

Climate change: 12 years to save the planet? Make that 18 months. GULP.

This public art in tiny hidden areas of our outside spaces is hysterical, charming, and thoughtful. I love it.

I tend to get overwhelmed when multiple busy/stressful/messy things overlap. I like focus and I like making things as easy as can be. So when people say “why don’t you adopt your foster dog!?” My response is always, “with the big kitchen renovation coming up, that’s too much stress for me to manage a new animal and unfair anxiety for a creature to undergo.” I realize plenty of people renovate with pets and kids and in-laws and stress, but I just don’t want to do double the work and double the anxiety. It’s a me issue. All this to 1. answer the question I’ve received a lot and 2. share a cute and valuable example of overlapping renovations and raising kids.

I shared in Instagram Stories how I make nut milk and got a lot of questions about almond milk being bad because of its water use. You can learn more about the environmental effects of different types of nut milks and how they compare to dairy milk.

My friend Alison has a cabin on a lake and I’m always so jealous. In her latest blog post she shared beautiful photos of the lake view and in her typical style, the photos aren’t all colorful and sunny for summertime, it’s serene and quiet and I just love it. LOVE it.

Happy weekend - stay cool out there, folks.