A Video Tour of Our Home's Future Layout + Sneak Peek at The Kitchen Renovation

I’ve been talking on the blog a lot about our home’s new layout as we approach the remodel of the kitchen. I’ve brought it up because first I wanted your opinion, then because you gave great advice, and then because I needed your help deciding, and then I teased my favorite layout, then I elaborated, and now I’m here to fully explain the new layout - in video form!

The Gold Hive Kitchen-A Video Tour of the future layout and floor plan for the upcoming kitchen and bathroom renovation.jpg

The flow and layout of our house has been a critical part of the kitchen design because I feel strongly that no matter how pretty the wall color is or how shiny the tile is, no space is ever going to look good if it doesn’t function well. The way we live in our spaces down to how we get from one room to another or how we open the dishwasher can make a big impact on general family time and efficiency in work space. So, I’ve thought about it for years and years and years and now I finally have a layout that we’ve decided on and sent to get stamps of approval on at the permit office.

I’ve shared some renderings and layouts, but I still get questions about the whole scope of the project. So, instead of inviting each of you over into my house, I’ve put together a video where I show you exactly how the space is transforming. I walk you through the house in its current state, point wildly at blank walls, make arm gestures pretending to be a refrigerator and a wall, include some floor plan reference points, trip over my words and trip over the foster dog. I promise it’s informative!

Watch the Video:

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Was that helpful? Even mildly? If it wasn’t, then you’ll have to stay tuned to see how it unfolds during the remodel. Subscribe to get the blog in your email and subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss out!