A Video Tour of the Inside of My Kitchen Cabinets and a Shoppable List of Everything In The Kitchen

I love looking at how people store things - especially in their kitchens. I like learning other people’s reasoning for things, I like snooping, and I always like to improve on my own spaces. So, I filmed one of my own kitchen! However, mine isn’t perfect. This whole kitchen was a stopgap solution until we could renovate the space (coming soon!) so there’s no fancy pull out drawers, no custom spice racks, no perfectly sized shelves, and certainly no perfect layout.

A Video Tour of Kitchen Cabinets and A list of Everything Inside The Gold Hive Craftsman Vintage Blue Minimal.jpg

I feel like there are definitely techniques I use that I think others can learn from, but I also know there’s much to improve. Part of why I filmed this video is because I know that when we renovate and the kitchen has a more functional layout, I’ll be able to look back at this and think, “I did what with my spatulas?!”

Without further ado, here’s a narrated tour of my kitchen cabinets, then below I’ve linked to every item I have in my kitchen - in case you want the same thing yourself.

Watch the Video Tour:

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Learn More:

If you’re curious about the improvements made to the kitchen and how far it’s come since we first bought it, click the link below. Blog posts include covering the existing counters with concrete, swapping out hardware and painting, installing a buffalo check floor, and adding additional storage. You can also check out how I deep clean my kitchen here.

Shop the Kitchen:

The most sustainable option is to always buy second hand from thrift stores, local Buy Nothing Groups, or even eBay for small appliances. So please consider those options when shopping for new kitchen gear. If not, I’ve linked to new items.

Listed in the order that they appear in the video.

Silverware drawer:

silverware, ice cream scoop, matcha whisk, grater & spiralizer, bottle brush, wine/bottle opener, vintage cake cutter

Cutlery drawer:

knives, knife sorter, measuring spoons, lime squeezer, strawberry huller, herb scissors, garlic press, apple slicer, pastry wheel cutter, pizza cutter, zester, chip clip

Storage and bakeware cabinet:

glass containers with lids, pie pan, 9x9 baking pan, loaf pan, springform pan, ramekins, mixing bowls, thermos, bento lunch box, colander, salad spinner

Drinkware cabinet:

mugs, water bottle, water glasses, acrylic glasses, wine glasses, pitcher, juice jars, guest carafe

Upper storage cabinet:

beverage decanters, ice cream maker

Dinnerware cabinet:

salad plates, bowls, black bowls, small bowls, serving bowls, dinner plates, cake stand, deviled egg tray, mixer

Reusables drawer:

silicone bags, bees wrap, nut milk bag, sustainable birthday candles

Baking drawer:

measuring cups, liquid measuring cup, pie weights, apple corer/slicer/peeler, silicone mat, strainer, alphabet cookie cutters, baker’s scale, popsicle molds, cutting board, ice cube trays

Under the sink cabinet:

watering can, dishwasher detergent, cleaning supplies, fire extinguisher, rug


vacuum, floor duster, mop, step stool, towel basket, duster

Range and cabinet:

tea and coffee kettle, cast iron-skillet, salt jar, oil decanter, olive wood spoons, French rolling pin, cookie trays, cloth towels, napkins, oven mit, stainless steel pot, small stainless steel pan, large stainless steel pan

Counter items:

kombucha bottles, coffee canister, French press, marble cheese board, butter bell, black canister

Junk drawer:

dividers, laser thermometer, flashlight, keychain

Utensil drawer:

spatulas, whisk, tongs, spatula turners, hot pad

Pots and pans drawer:

pasta pot, sauce pan, dutch oven, vintage cast-iron pan


glass canisters, tea storage, spice jars

Hodgepodge rack:

water filter, blender, basket, tote bags, produce bags, canisters, Sonos, wooden cutting board

Hodgepodge cabinet:

citrus juicer, first aid kit, pie box, vases


toaster oven, juicer, laundry items, garden shoes, recycle/trash can, cleaning supplies

Wow. Watching that video back and typing out everything I own makes me want to seriously downsize. I can already tell what won’t be making it’s way back into my newly renovated kitchen when the time comes.

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