Weekly Roundup

We’re home from Chicago! It was just a week-long trip but every time I go, I fall more in love with that city. I know, I know, I haven’t visited in the winter so I can’t make such claims of admiration, but early summer is just so good. So good!


I got to visit my pals Kim and Scott (and Lucy and CC and Jack and Libby) for the third year in a row, and I did lunch with Nicole for the second year in a row. Meeting up with blogger buds is a fun tradition that I get to enjoy thanks to all the travel Ross does for work.

During my travels, I saved some of my adventures to my Instagram Highlights and got a bunch of questions about making a city guide like I did for Seattle recently. However, since most of my favorite spots were recommended by Kim, I feel it’s not fair to claim a city guide as my own. Kim shared some favorite Chicago spots here and here.

I was also asked a lot about my jeans on Instagram - they’re these high waisted 98% cotton ones in the faded indigo wash.

Who’s participating in Plastic Free July? The gist is you dedicate one month to avoiding single-use plastics and do an audit of your habits (here are tips on how). I participated last year and it was really eye opening and a valuable experience. I highly recommend the process - but it’s important to remember that fighting our climate crisis goes far beyond the plastic bag.

I’ve been thinking about getting into making sourdough bread for awhile now and finally got some starter gifted by my neighbor through the Buy Nothing Project. It’s silly to get started on it right before a kitchen renovation, but I just love bread. My blogger pal Cathy, is a sourdough queen and she sent me her favorite bread book that I’ll use as my bread bible. Thanks, Cathy!

Daniel’s bathroom turned out beautifully. But obviously it would - he’s a magician. Oh and Joana’s kitchen (designed by Sarah) turned out swimmingly, too!

I have one day do laundry and fix up the house after being home from Chicago before we leave again for another quick trip out of town. So, I gotta jet - happy Friday!