A Console Sink Collection

We lucked out with some extra space in the bathroom to carve out lots of storage so we were able to nix the vanity and opt for a console sink. With all of our toiletries in the cabinet, the sink could be just a sink - not a vanity that may have looked like a chunk of wood plopped down in the middle of the room.

The Gold Hive Console Sink

During our sink hunt, the priority to was to get as much work surface area as we could for the space we had. But if that isn't your number one goal, how about acrylic legs, wall-mounted faucets, turned legs, shelves, or marble? I've collected my favorite console sinks from a few different online retailers - each with some different features.

The Gold Hive Console Sinks

1. Mason Apothecary $999 / 2. Essex $714/ 3. Vero Wall Mount plus legs $731 / 4. Vero $582 / 5. Templeton $823 / 6. Mason $699 / 7. Milano $706 / 8. Nuo $739

I have got to find a way to incorporate the wall-mounted sink look of #3 into this house! I mean, look at how charming it is in a laundry room. We have #6, the Mason console from Signature Hardware. We've been using it as our primary bathroom sink for two years and it's holding up beautifully - despite me leaving a hot curling iron on it for 8 hours by accident. Doh!

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